PHP is a server scripting language and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.

PHP is a widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft’s ASP.

It is powerful enough to be at the core of the biggest blogging system on the web (WordPress)!

It is deep enough to run the largest social network (Facebook)!

A dynamic and comprehensive web design is the need of the hour. Every seller wants an interactive, impressive and unique experience for the customers and business with a wish for a website application that offers an attractive customer appreciated systems and managements that boosts the business and maintains a great brand value. PHP web development is a server-side scripting language that offers a dynamic and integrative website development with quality performance, minimum maintenance cost, and reliable support on different platforms like windows/Linux/Unix and databases like Oracle, MySQl etc.

Magic Method
PHP has built in methods starts with __ (double underscore). These methods can’t be called directly. Rather, it will be called on the event basis. For example, __clone() will be called, when the clone keyword is used.
Nowdocs and Heredocs String
PHP provides the nowdocs and heredocs properties are used to delimit some block of context. nowdocs and heredocs are same except the context in the heredocs allow variable parsing.
PHP is a single inheritance language. The traits concept is used to cover inheritance limitation and support inheritance at multiple levels.
Error Reporting
It has some predefined error reporting constants to generate a warning or error notice. For example, when E_STRICT is enabled, a warning about deprecated methods will be generated.


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