React Native


With over 20 million developers working on React Native, it has become one of the top JavaScript framework among developers and the fastest growing programming language. It was developed by Facebook and was open-sourced in May 2013. Its popularity since then has been nothing short of spectacular.

AEOLogic is one of the best react native application development company working dynamically on react native technology. We choose the framework because of the fact that it is the best cross-platform mobile app development framework and has a quicker turnaround time. With the help of React Native, we are able to develop and deliver apps quickly to our esteemed clients.

Benefits of React Native Development

The development of the React Native framework actually started as a hackathon effort in 2013, responding to the need of the developer community: it was looking for a mobile alternative that would combine the advantages of mobile app development with the power and agility of the native React environment.
Maximum Code Reuse & Cost Saving
By using React Native, you can use the same code for deployment on iOS as well as on Android. This means a huge saving in development time and cost. Theoretically, the development effort could be cut by half. In practice, the cost saving will be a little lower but still more than interesting enough to make the investment worth your while.
Live Reload
React Native might be considered as the mobile next step after React: It builds on the React ideas and allows you to create powerful mobile app. React Native features an interesting extra that you will not find in the native frameworks: the ‘live reload’ feature, enabling you to immediately see the result of the latest change that you have made to the code.
Performant for Mobile Environments
The React Native architecture is well tuned to mobile devices. It makes use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), while native platforms are more ‘CPU (Central Processing Unit) intensive’. Compared to hybrid technologies – React Native is superfast.


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