iOS Application Development

Aeologic is a pioneering iOS application development company specializing in delivering flagship iOS apps for iPhone and iPad. We help companies stay at the forefront of the Apple ecosystem by offering innovative iOS app development services for mobile phones, tablets, and wearables.

We've developed and delivered more than XXX+ iOS apps in almost every business vertical, some of them have millions of users and some of them have earned millions in funding.

Benefits of iOS Application Development

Secure and Reliable
One of the major risk and concern of business these days is data security. Enterprises always look for more secure and reliable platform when taking their business to mobile and Apple is the most secure platform in terms of development. It provides users a strong shield of security against viruses and malwares making it the perfect choice for app development. This makes it more secure and reliable than other operating systems.
Superior Quality
Apple has set strict quality standards for an app to get a place on the Apple iTunes App Store. An iOS app has to maintain strict quality standards and this pushes developers to generate high quality iPhone and iPad apps. Apple takes a lot of pride in creating a user experience not only for its device but also by creating a high standard for the apps available on its ecosystem.
Better Power Management
iOS is ahead in the race when it comes to power management. One of the reasons being that iOS is very repulsive to all third-party apps that run in background. Another reason is that iPhone 4S does not provide LTE support. Battery life is one of the strong metrics to pay heed while purchasing a smartphone. Apple surely provides its users a better sense of satisfaction in terms to it and a lot of people vouch for in their purchasing of a cell phone.
Higher Scalability
Scalability of mobile apps is one of the major requirements for companies today and it will always be. For making profits, a company needs to explore its product in front of more and more people. The easiest means of scaling your product is using a mobile application. Custom iOS development is a fine option for achieving this. Developing your own iPhone app gives this advantage and helps your business to grow.


Experienced and certified developers
Dedicated team for every project
Agile approach to mobile app development
Strong focus on UI/UX design
Flexible delivery and commercial models

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