Flutter takes a different approach in an attempt to make mobile development better. It provides a framework application developers work against and an engine with a portable runtime to host applications. The framework builds upon the Skia graphics library, providing widgets that are actually rendered, as opposed to being just wrappers on native controls.

AEOLogic has already started exploring Flutter and is actively contributing in Flutter Developer Community. We are confident that with the help of Flutter we can create bigger and better apps that work on both Android and iOS.

Benefits of Flutter Application Development

High-Speed Development
Like we discussed in our last article on ways to grow enterprise leveraging React Native, most businesses find it difficult to get their high-quality mobile apps developed faster. But using React Native, they can.
Built-in Animation Library
Nowadays, we all love animations in the apps as it looks beautiful and improves the user experience. Flutter comes with an animation library that works on building well-designed animations that make the mobile app look a polished one.
Hot Reload Feature
The most attractive benefit of using Flutter is its Hot Reload Feature. This is quite similar to what React Native does. The Hot Reload feature helps the developers to inject the updated source code in the running Dart Virtual Machine (DVM).
Rich 2D GPU-Accelerated APIs
Flutter uses 2D GPU-accelerated APIs which makes the app animations look faster, smoother and cleaner. And, the rich 2D GPU-accelerated APIs offers rich UI and UX. So, when you look at the app developed using React Native and an app developed using Flutter, you can actually notice the difference of rich UI in the Flutter apps.

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